"A harmony of design and practicality"

SAETTI was founded in 2013 with the idea of providing luxury fashion accessories that match the quality and design that we envisioned for the type of product you are buying. Stepping away from the common design elements you usually find in the fashion accessories categories, we design our products from the ground up focusing on the harmony of practicality but sleek design you find in other design houses.

Coming from a product development, engineering, and marketing background, we combine our experience across the board to design, test, sample the best materials and create hand-made products that you're proud of owning. Not just a throwaway necessity, but products with timeless design and built to last.

Started with designing the idea of the wallet from the ground up, we started focusing on innovation, various use-cases and design elements that fit the modern man and woman. Combining technology, strong materials and innovative ideas, we created over 5 collections of sleek wallets - fitting for any occasion. Seeing the positive and success of these products, we started to expand and focus on more categories. Whilst keeping the core values of SAETTI at heart, we have launched and are launching products from travel bags to home accessories, to men's and women's bags - a high quality and sleek product to fit any time of your life.

Our Values

Using the strongest materials across leather and light aluminium steel carbon design, focusing on a practical and sleek design - we hand craft our luxury goods according to our strict specification and design. Hand packed - we check each product before shipping out in our premium packaging, perfect to give as a gift to your friends and family, or as a treat to yourself. As each style is highly individual, we work to give you the widest choice of variants, colours and sizes. Each product should be perfect for any occasion and style, which is our primary goal at SAETTI. 

Our service echo's the SAETTI culture, providing unsurpassable service for customers and retailers. If you ever want to get in to contact, take a look at our contact page.

Where to find us

Our designers and marketeers are based in our locations across London, Amsterdam and Berlin. For any post/mail, please find our address below, please note this is not a visitation address.

If you'd like to reach out for a question, complaint or any other reason, please find all contact options on our Contact us page.

6 S Molton Street, Mayfair
London, W1K 5QF
United Kingdom

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