Luxury Premium Wallet Cardholder - Midnight Black


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Our Luxury Premium Wallet Cardholders are made from 100% genuine leather with crocodile print of strong quality, and an all new Carbon Steel RFID & NFC blocking cardprotector. This makes it extra light but double as strong as regular holders in the market. It includes a special Magnet closure, as well as an elastic band to hold all your valuables, cash, cards and more.

This Luxury version also comes in a highly premium special gift packaging with gold print, magnet closure, protective wrapping and highly premium satin covering. Perfect to give away as a gift or treat yourself.

All your cards are protected against external signals & readers, and are easily ejected from the holder. The wallet also has an internal and external slot for space for more cards, cash and notes. All our products come in a clean, sleek gift packaging. Perfect as a gift for others, and yourself.

✔ Holds up to 6 cards in the holder, and up to 15 total including the wallet
✔ Small, slim and easy in your hand and pocket
✔ 100% genuine leather
✔ Luxurious lining
✔ Size: 11x8x2cm, 90 gram

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